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The Blizzard Underground League was Set up for a place that gulids and just regular people can get together and play against some of the best competition and be able to brag about who is the best of the best. This is more for thoese people who aren't high enough level to make it on the ladder but they are high enough to kick the crap out of anyone on the ladder. We Don't Judge by level we judge by how well you play the game and how well you char can stand a chance against the rest of the world. We Promote a Friendly enviroment and try to keep things under control. One way that we keep everything undercontrol is that we have a Judge in Every League game. We also keep things under control by taking our meeting location into a Clan Channel where only a certified Judge can have Opps and be able to Kick and Ban people from the channel. Just type this to get into our channel

The Prizes for the Diablo 2 Tournys are like this. Each team particapating in a Tourny will contrubite 10k to the Prize. (This is just an Example. Division Judges will decide on the Entry fee) First place will get Half of the total money recieved. 2nd Place will get Half of Whats Left, 3rd Place will get Half of the Amount left from that. Example:
Total Collected Money:100,000
1st Place: 50,000
2nd Place: 25,000
3rd Place: 12,500
4th Place: 6,250
5th Place: 3,125
Based on 10 Entrys

The Prize for the single tournaments are based on a 1k Entry Fee and it will work in the same way as the Clan Touraments. Example:
Total Collected Money:10,000
1st Place: 5,000
2nd Place: 2,500
3rd Place: 1,250
4th Place: 625
5th Place: 313
Based on 10 Entrys

The Challenges work different in the fact that the Challenger sets up a Bet and the group or person that is being challenged is require to meet or beat that bet if they accept. The Bets can be anyt Items on Diablo 2 that can be given to another chararchter and it can even go as high as betting an account. All Bets MUST Be given to a Judge prior to the Duel and he will hand them out to the Winner(s).
There are no real prizes for The SC or BW just the pride in Knowing that you can kick the crap out of any clan around.