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August 26, 2000- Well hopefully these people at Sidewinder are going to be giving me a few free things for putting them on my site so I will be putting them up as First Place prizes in the Next Tournys for the USWest Singles, USEast Single, and Open Singles Divisons. So Hopefully I will have Actually prizes to give away. Also i'm doing it for the singles divisons because its more easier to control who gets the items than it would be if I did it for the guild division However I will NOT be holding a tournament in any of thoese divisions until there are at least 10 in each.
August 22, 2000- Its been ten days since I started the BUL and i'm glad at what i'm seeing. we have already had 4 guilds sign up along with serveral other singles. I am hoping that we will be getting more support here soon and become a bigger League. We are already bigger than the other Leagues that I have heard of with along with the fact that as of now we have a request going in to a group of D2 guilds which would mean if they signed up we would have 5 more Guilds particapating in the League. Thanks again for all your support I have updated the challenge page now so that you can actually submit a challenge. I plan to have the first tourny going by mid next month. It will be for The Team West Divison and it should be a free tourny.



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