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The Rules are Simple.

1. There is No Cheating on the Realm Games.

2. There is No Cheating in a game on SC or BW

3. No Money Taking. Ear keeping is optional

4. There Must be a Judge in ALL Sanctioned Games

5. Any cheating will be reported and you will loose that match and be brought up for being kicked from the League

6. If you don't show up for a Match you will loose that Match. Clans and Team games if a team player is missing an alternate must take there place

7. All Teams must consist of 3 Team Players and 2 Alternates to take the place of a team member if they can not play in a Match

8. All Sanctioned Team Matches Must be 3v3 with at Least 1 Judge and all Singles Matches Must be 1v1 With At Least 1 Judge

9. Cussing and other vulgar Languae Disapproved of. We Understand that there are thoese words that slip out but to be in this League you will need to keep it to a minium

Breaking of Any of these rules will result in a loss of the Match and will be refered for removal from the League.